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Preventive measures for stone plastic elevator door pocket
1. The line angle is not straight, the joint grid is uneven, and it is not straight: it is mainly caused by the fact that the actual size of the structure construction is not checked carefully according to the drawing size before construction, as well as the reasons such as the line snapping in sections and blocks is not thin, the stay wire is not straight, and the suspension wire is not corrected and checked frequently.
2. The exterior decoration of stone plastic elevator door pocket UV decorative plate surface has different colors: the main reason is that the design and color are not the same, and there is no trial assembly and careful selection of design and color models during construction.
3. The elevator sleeve is not well glued and caulked: the nodes with concave convex changes in the facade, the junction of UV decorative plates and stone plastic lines, and the junction of windowsill and wall. First of all, the operators should carefully adhere to the same principle that the inspection by someone is the same as that by no one. Secondly, the management personnel should make a step-by-step inspection and acceptance after each piece is completed.
4. The elevator door pocket wall is dirty and squinted with glue marks: the main reasons are various. First, the operators should develop the good habit of cleaning as soon as they dry; Second, it is caused by the operation process, that is, the bottom-up plate installation method and process directly bring certain difficulty to the finished product protection, and the higher the height, the greater the difficulty; Third, we should strengthen the management and education of finished product protection; Fourth, complete cleaning should be carried out from top to bottom before completion.
The above is a detailed introduction to the decorative line board, which I hope will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service