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Stone selection: Use colorimetric methods to select and classify the colors of stone materials. The color of stones installed on the same surface should be consistent.
Wall base cleaning: Clean the wall and install the base bracket. At the same time, execute the structural sleeve, search for rules, and pop up vertical and horizontal lines. According to the design drawings and actual needs, snap the location line and block line for installing the stone.
Lineup: According to the size, a good building should be installed in advance under the two vertical lines of the theodolite, preferably at a position of 500 px from the large corner. In order to check the accuracy of the vertical line and ensure smooth installation, control the line and the line.
Install the bottom bracket and install the preset bracket on the floor according to the upper horizontal line. The supports should be firmly supported to facilitate mutual connection, or they can be placed together. After the support, a 50 mm thick wooden board should flow on the same horizontal plane along the direction of the support to ensure that the stones are on the same horizontal plane.
Install connecting parts: Fix angle steel and flat steel plate with stainless steel bolts specified in the design. Adjust the position of the flat steel plate so that the hole of the flat steel plate coincides with the insertion hole of the stone plate, fix the flat steel plate and tighten the trigger.
Marble decorative panel installation: Find a good location according to the grooves and components, and the bottom plate can be placed at the corner of the wall.
Panel fine adjustment: Install a marble decorative panel to adjust the water level. If the nozzles on the plate are uneven, the corresponding double stranded copper wire pad can be placed on the flat steel plate connected to the lower end of the plate bottom. Adjust the perpendicularity and adjust the gap between the stainless steel joint on the top of the panel and the wall until the panel is vertical.
Installation of top decorative plate: the last top plate is horizontal. In addition to being installed according to general stone installation requirements, the crack structure and plate suspension length are 20mm thick slats, and 250mm on the flat plate of Flat noodles. The lifting point can be connected to iron. The wooden rod can be hung with colored aluminum wire. After the wooden rod is hung, it is filled between the stone slab and the wall surface, and filled tightly to prevent grouting leakage.
Cleaning the marble surface: Remove the antifouling dirt on the marble surface, and wipe the stone with cotton thread.
Marble elevator door jambs are being used more and more, and it is not only necessary to work in the correct way, but also to pay attention to maintenance in the future, in order to extend the service life of elevator door jambs.
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