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Generally speaking, there are no more than two types of materials used for stainless steel edging. One is finished profiles. Large exhibition cabinets have a complete range of materials and a wide variety of finished products, which can often be used for stainless steel edging based on finished profiles, making production relatively fast. Another type is self-made profiles. Exhibition cabinet manufacturers with complete equipment and strict process flow are often able to produce unique self-made profiles according to the production cycle, which can also be reasonably designed and manufactured according to customer needs and the difficulty level of actual process implementation.
In our daily life, the common display case edging includes baseboard wrapped with stainless steel, glass cover wrapped with stainless steel, counter frame wrapped with stainless steel, etc. The seemingly easy structure is actually extremely delicate and exquisite. Because we can often judge the quality of a display cabinet manufacturer's craftsmanship based on the details of stainless steel edging. If the details of the edging are rough and poorly crafted, it not only affects the overall visual appearance of the display cabinet, but also makes maintenance of the display cabinet quite difficult.
At present, the edge wrapping of exhibition cabinets in the market can basically not affect the overall aesthetics and structural safety, but for some details that involve local aesthetics, not much consideration is given. As the saying goes, "A person relies on one face, a tree relies on one skin." Striving for excellence in detail handling is essential to gain a foothold in the fiercely competitive market.
In addition, edge and corner wrapping is also a detail issue that cannot be ignored. It often reflects the level of a factory's process capability, because doing a good job in edge wrapping details is equivalent to doing a good job in the overall exhibition cabinet project. To create a perfect and high-end stainless steel jewelry display cabinet, the details of the binding cannot be ignored.
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