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As an indispensable vertical transportation tool in modern architecture, elevators not only need to be equipped with safe, reliable, and comfortable features, but also need to be equipped with a beautiful and durable appearance. As a protective material for elevator doors and walls, stainless steel edging has good corrosion resistance, strength, and aesthetics, providing guarantee for the outdoor design and service life of elevators. This article will introduce the advantages and application value of elevators that are not sharp.
1、 High aesthetic appeal: The stainless steel edging material has a bright, smooth surface and sturdy structure, which can effectively protect the electric gate and walls, while enhancing the modern and high-end feel of the electric gate. The non sharp edges of the steel ladle have a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, which can match the interior design of the elevator, enhancing the overall aesthetic and coordination.
2、 Strong corrosion resistance: Stainless steel packaging has good corrosion resistance and can resist environmental corrosion and contamination inside and outside the elevator. In areas prone to sea breeze such as the seaside, using less sharp steel edges can better resist seawater decay and extend the service life of the bridge.
3、 High strength: Non steel edging materials have high strength and temperature, which can effectively protect elevator doors and walls, avoiding wear, impact, scratches, and other phenomena during use. The structure of the non sharp steel ladle edge is tight, with a smooth surface, which can effectively prevent the accumulation of water, dust, and other impurities, and maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of elevator doors and walls.
4、 Easy to clean and maintain: The surface of the stainless steel edge is smooth, corrosion-resistant, and not easily stained or dusty. It can be cleaned by wiping with a cleaning agent or damp cloth. The stainless steel edging material has a long service life and requires a small amount of maintenance and upkeep, which can reduce the repair and replacement costs of elevators and reduce operating costs.