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There are many types of elevator and elevator door cover applied to various buildings now. However, the color difference problem is likely to occur in the process of processing and using these products with various colors. This is a headache because it will not only damage the aesthetic appearance of door cover, but also reduce its protection effect. So, what are the methods to deal with the color difference problem of this kind of door pocket?
1. For the discrimination of color difference treatment method, an experimental method is used: put the two samples with color difference in clear water, and investigate after the stone absorbs water. If the color of the two stones in the water becomes close or the same, at this moment, it is only necessary to use long face care agent to brush the stones with lighter color.
2. Many people respond that when using the color difference of long face care agent, the color will turn white and even disappear. In fact, the silicon component in the long face care agent can ensure that the stone color will not change much within 15 years after being absorbed by the stone.
When using the long face care agent with silicon composition, it needs to pass many tests. Brushing the long face care agent is not an instant, but to decide whether to continue brushing according to the color change of the stone after brushing. When each brushing is waiting for the long face care agent to be fully soaked, it can adhere to the long-term application effect more than twice.
3. Under normal circumstances, the smooth stone of elevator door cover with uniform color can choose coloring skills. If it is relatively deep and shallow, the stone with pure color, and granite with obvious grain structure, you can also choose coloring skills. The rough stone with messy colors must pay attention to the use of coloring skills.
At present, the treatment methods of color difference in elevator door pocket are mainly dyeing, polishing and long face. These three methods have their own technical content and need to be mastered by technicians. If technicians want to ensure better recovery effect, they must study and understand them carefully.
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