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Customers who have used the elevator door pocket praise its decorative effect, which will give people a fashionable and atmospheric effect in the overall decorative effect. However, we will also receive feedback from customers that the installed elevator door pocket has uneven seams and uneven seams. In fact, it is not difficult to present the effect of elevator door pocket, and the technology of installation workers is also very important. Let's analyze three situations that affect the installation effect of elevator door pocket.
1、 There is error in the cutting dimension of elevator door pocket, and some defects may appear.
2、 The wall surface was not leveled before the installation of elevator door pocket, resulting in cracks after installation.
3、 The installer is not a carpenter, can not cut 45 ° angle, and is not skilled in construction technology.
In order to ensure the above conditions during the installation of the elevator door pocket, we recommend that the customer, after receiving the goods of the elevator door pocket, promptly check whether the dimensions are correct and standard, and whether there is any mistake or omission, even if they communicate with the manufacturer for confirmation. During the installation of elevator door pocket, a real carpenter shall be selected for construction, and the cutting shall be carried out after the size is confirmed. Before the installation of elevator door pocket, the uneven wall surface shall be leveled with mortar cement.
Before installation, we suggest that the workers should clean the elevator opening and mark the elevator opening. After placing the standard block, place it from the middle to the side and from the back, and level it with a ruler. The section size of the elevator door pocket needs to be cut in advance. In order to avoid trouble in the later stage, the preparatory work should be done well in the early stage, so as to lay a good foundation for the decorative effect of the elevator door pocket.
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