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Elevator decoration has European style, modern style, Chinese style and other styles. This is because with the improvement of living standards, people are no longer satisfied with the traditional monotonous elevator decoration style. Elevator door jambs can be made in various decorative styles, and stainless steel door jambs can better meet this multi style decorative effect. The stainless steel elevator door pocket can be processed into various patterns, colors and styles.
There are also many colors to choose from for the elevator door pocket. The common colored stainless steel plates are rose gold, yellow titanium gold, black mirror, and the one we just made a few days ago is made of bronze, which looks very beautiful. The surface treatment of plates is divided into mirror, oil film wiredrawing, fingerprint free treatment, etc.
常用的不锈钢电梯门套板材分为201和304两种型号,实际上是成分不同,现在普遍都是用的201的,价位便宜,而且满足大众需要。板材也分厚度,0.6 厚的就完全可以了。
The commonly used stainless steel elevator door pocket plates are divided into 201 and 304 models, which are actually different in composition. Now they are generally 201, which is cheap and meets the needs of the public. The plate is also divided into thickness, 0.6 thick is completely OK.
Stainless steel color plates commonly used in the market include 201, 304, 316 and other models. Among these models, the corrosion resistance of 316 is very poor, while the price of 201 varies greatly. Some enterprises often use 201 instead of 304 and 316 to obtain more benefits.
Stainless steel color plate is mainly used for decoration, so decoration is particularly important. During inspection, it is necessary to strictly check whether there are color differences, scratches, sand holes, peeling watermarks and other problems on the surface. Determine whether the surface coloring process of stainless steel will affect the price.
Some high-end residential areas or high-end office buildings are used to using stainless steel elevator door jambs, because this stainless steel material can show high-end quality, and the later maintenance is also very convenient. Stainless steel has many colors, such as silver, black, rose gold. Silver is the natural color of stainless steel, and rose gold can give people a high-end atmosphere
Generally speaking, the price of elevator door frame is calculated by square meters, of course, some are calculated by the number of sets. The specific price is related to the thickness, color, processing technology and shape of the plates required for the elevator door frame.
The price of colored stainless steel elevator door pocket is affected by many factors. Different manufacturers, different specifications, different stainless steel materials, and different prices.
The above is a detailed introduction about the stainless steel door pocket of elevator. I hope it can help you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service