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1. In order to ensure the brand of the enterprise and the high quality requirements of the owner, Party B should carefully cooperate with the site to check the size and confirm the drawings for production after entering the site. The finished materials entering the site should be installed in a programmed way and stacked carefully. If the plates are damaged due to Party B's random stacking, Party B should be responsible for all losses.
2. During installation, the plates shall be installed according to the drawings (numbered plates shall be installed according to the number). The plates that need special adjustment shall be installed after being adjusted by the on-site installation personnel. The plates that cannot be installed on the wall shall not be installed, and the factory shall be notified in time to make up.
3. During installation, the stone materials to be repaired, such as external corners, horizontal and vertical joints, missing corners and broken edges of each wall surface, shall be repaired by the installer himself in time during construction before installation. After the completion of each wall, the on-site supervisor shall check and accept it, and then submit it to the project department for acceptance and packaging (if it is a processing error and cannot be repaired on site, the factory shall send professionals to repair it).
4. After the finished materials arrive at the site, the wall shall be installed according to the drawings. Party B shall bear all the responsibilities for the rework caused by the unqualified installation quality and the inconsistent size of the drawings with the wall, and the material loss caused by the re patching of the plates (if the cutting is wrong in the factory, report to the factory for replacement).
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