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In more and more buildings, the stone plastic elevator door pocket is used to replace the decorative materials such as marble, granite, ceramic tile, log and so on, which are expensive or troublesome to install. A good stone plastic elevator door pocket line has a good surface finish, fine surface and smooth feel, which is similar to the real stone. However, in terms of cleaning and maintenance, the stone plastic elevator door pocket is very different from the real stone. How can the stone plastic elevator door pocket be installed reliably?
In fact, the 45 degree splicing method is much more difficult than the right angle splicing, because the size at the beginning needs to be very exquisite, and then the installation method is also very important. Once the Kung Fu is not good, after the decoration, it is easy to have the door pocket gap become larger in daily life, so we recommend that the customer find a professional carpenter to install it, Because cutting corners is a relatively simple job for carpenters.
In terms of decoration style, whether it is Chinese or European, the design of 45 degree splicing stone plastic elevator door pocket will greatly improve the overall aesthetics. Although the right angle splicing is simple and does not need to cut the door pocket, it only needs 90 degree splicing, but the overall aesthetics will give people an overly strong visual sense, which is not as vivid as the 45 degree splicing stone plastic elevator door pocket.
Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that when decorating the stone plastic elevator door pocket, it is more stable to cut it into a 45 degree angle for splicing. It also looks more beautiful and generous in appearance, and it is more solid and not easy to fall off. It can be used in the decoration of different styles of buildings.
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