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If you want the stone plastic elevator door pocket to be outstanding, you can't just care about the price. Quality is the key point that should be carefully considered. Don't lose money for small things. Quality is not a good word, but a matter of fact. Nowadays, almost every factory is shouting the slogan of quality-oriented, but few can really stand the test, time and comparison. What are the components of stone plastic elevator door pocket?
The main raw materials of stone plastic elevator door pocket are calcium powder, PVC resin powder and other small chemical materials. The more calcium powder is used, and the higher the mesh number, the finer the texture. The calcium powder used to make the stone plastic elevator door pocket is 600 mesh or even higher. The stone plastic elevator door pocket produced by this specification of calcium powder has better toughness, longer service life, and less risk of transportation and installation.
In addition to calcium powder, another important raw material is PVC resin powder. The role of this raw material is to increase flexibility. Products made of resin powder have fine texture, good toughness and long service life. However, it should be noted that products made from recycled materials cannot be selected. The more recycled materials, the shorter the service life of stone plastic elevator door pocket products, which will cause the phenomenon of continuous replenishment. In small chemical materials, CPE is an indispensable material when we produce the mixture of stone plastic elevator door jambs. Any raw material involved in the product plays a decisive role. CPE has good weather resistance, fire resistance, thermal stability better than PVC, low cost and excellent performance, which brings unique characteristics to stone plastic elevator door jambs.
The above is a detailed introduction about elevator stainless steel edging. I hope it will help you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service