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The stainless steel elevator door pocket will inevitably be scratched and affect the appearance after long-term use. So how to repair the scratch? Today, Xiaobian will introduce it to you.
1. Wipe with a paper towel dipped in alcohol (using industrial alcohol, but not medical alcohol). Wipe the protective film of stainless steel elevator door cover for several times, and it will be clean.
2. Use nail polish. Use the same method as alcohol acetone. The effect is also very good. Nail cleaning water does not need high quality. Good or ordinary nail polish remover is OK, as long as it can wash away nail polish.
3. Use acetone. The method is the same as above. Well, it can quickly and easily remove these residual colloids, which is better than sprinkling essence.
These two solvents are the best of all methods.
4. Use banana water. It is an industrial agent used to remove paint. It is also easy to buy (paint can be sold wherever it is sold). The method is the same as alcohol acetone method. Apply with a hot towel. Scrape it with a blade, and then wipe it with an eraser. There is balsam at home. This is a good thing. It's easy to solve your problem with it.
The above is about repairing the scratches on the stainless steel elevator door pocket. I believe you must gain a lot. I hope the above content can help you better use the stainless steel elevator door bag. For more information about stainless steel elevator door jambs, please call stainless steel elevator door jambs. We not only have professional products, but also intimate services. Sincerely welcome new and old customers to call us for information and purchase