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Door pocket is a kind of decorative material of door frame, which can protect the door frame and decorate it. There are two ways of door pocket: half package and full package. Then, what is the difference between half package and full package of aluminum alloy door pocket? When choosing half bag and full bag doorcases, some people are more tangled. Here, I will analyze it for you.
The door pocket half bag actually means that when we install the door, only half of the tiles in the door opening are pasted, which is called half bag. The remaining half can be well combined with the door frame. From the appearance, there is no difference, but this is a great test of the accuracy in construction. We must first measure the size of the door, and we must reserve a position when pasting tiles, Otherwise, it will cause problems at the gate. The all inclusive decoration method of door pocket refers to that the door frame wraps both inside and outside the wall. The advantage of this decoration is that it does not need to pay special attention to the size of the door, and it is OK to measure the size even after the tiles are pasted.
Difference between half package and full package of aluminum alloy door pocket:
1. Viewed from the appearance, the all inclusive decoration design of the door frame will look a little thicker, because the door frame wraps up the periphery of the door opening, and in this way, it is more closely combined with the wall, while the decoration design of the half package looks relatively simple. Only one side of the door frame and the door opening is wrapped on the same plane, and the rest can be painted for closing, However, if the later construction is rough, the door is likely to be stained with paint.
2. In terms of the price of decoration, the half package design is definitely more inclusive than the door pocket, and the decoration design will save a lot of money, but similarly, relatively speaking, the half package decoration design will test the technology and process of tiling, which will naturally cost more labor.
The above is the detailed introduction of aluminum alloy door pocket for you. I hope it can help you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with a professional attitude