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Thickness and color of stainless steel door pocket
Door jambs are decorated in European, modern and Chinese styles. This is because with the improvement of living standards, people are no longer satisfied with the traditional monotonous decoration style. Stainless steel door jambs can be used for various decoration styles, which can better meet the decoration effect of this multi-style. The stainless steel door pocket can be processed into various patterns, colors and styles.
The thickness of stainless steel door cover is generally 0.8mm steel plate, and 1.0mm steel plate is also common
The color of stainless steel door cover is commonly used in natural color, in addition to color gold, such as black titanium, rose gold, bronze, champagne gold, etc.
Surface treatment of stainless steel door pocket: the surface treatment of the plate is also divided into mirror surface and Lasha, and there is special treatment without fingerprints! Generally, mirror stainless steel is not recommended for home decoration. Lasa has better effect.
Style classification of stainless steel door pocket
Door cover style: now there are two styles of stainless steel door cover, one is that the vertical edge and horizontal edge adopt the form of 45-degree angle contact, and the other is that the vertical edge and horizontal edge are installed vertically. The latter one is recommended. The former one sometimes needs to weld the angle contact. At present, the customized shape is more and more popular with customers.
Maintenance of stainless steel door pocket
At present, the elevator door cover has also introduced the quick-assembly type. The corresponding door cover is assembled with screws and pushed to the door opening. The expansion screws are used to fix the wall. The installation is completed with structural adhesive sealing, replacing the traditional installation method, and greatly reducing the time and installation cost.
Maintenance: Stainless steel is easy to get fingerprints, which can be wiped off with a half-dry rag. Wipe the surface of stainless steel, door pocket, wire drawing board, frosted board, especially the surface of color plate with disinfecting alcohol, disinfecting water and all water-based disinfecting solutions. It will fade, rust, and chemical reaction will occur when metal materials are wiped. Please pay attention to use
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