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Specification of stainless steel elevator door cover plate:
Stainless steel elevator door covers can be made of 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel materials. The main difference between the two lies in their different components, rust resistance, and service life. The content of nickel and chromium in 304 stainless steel is relatively high, so it has good rust resistance and a long service life. The rust resistance of 201 stainless steel is not as good as that of 304, but it is much cheaper than 304 in price. The specific choice of material still depends on the customer's needs.
Stainless steel elevator door pocket decoration
Stainless steel elevator door covers have excellent metallic luster and usability. Stainless steel elevator door covers are mainly divided into brushed stainless steel elevator door covers and mirror faced stainless steel elevator door covers. The surface of the brushed stainless steel door pocket presents a matte effect, which is very textured and gives a sense of height. The surface of the mirror faced stainless steel door pocket has a reflective effect like a mirror. The stainless steel door cover is easy to use, durable, and has a beautiful appearance, making it a very frequently used product nowadays.
In the entire process of elevator decoration, it is necessary to use more pattern elements, such as overlapping and crossing between patterns, and overlapping of various patterns. These cannot only occupy space, but can also have a good visual effect. At the same time, modern decorative materials and concepts should be fully utilized, combined with processing techniques, to highlight the sense of spatial hierarchy and three-dimensional sense.
Stainless steel elevator door pocket decoration
With the improvement of stainless steel processing technology, stainless steel door covers can be plated in many colors. Common ones include rose gold, black titanium, champagne gold, bronze bronze, red bronze, and so on. These colors are highly distinctive and have a strong decorative effect.
The elevator decoration has various styles such as European, modern, and Chinese. Various decorative styles can be made, and stainless steel door jambs can better meet this multi style decorative effect. Stainless steel elevator door covers can be processed into various patterns, colors, and styles. There are two main ways to purchase stainless steel elevator door covers: one is to directly purchase from the manufacturer, and the other is to inform the manufacturer of the drawings or requirements for customized processing.
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