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The elevator door cover mainly includes stone plastic lines and side panels, which are actually similar to the construction of door covers or door covers, and require bottom leveling. The main types of elevator door covers include stainless steel elevator door covers, nano stone plastic elevator door covers, marble elevator door covers, etc. The elevator door cover manufacturers mainly introduced their characteristics and installation preparation work: 1. The characteristics of marble elevator door covers: 1. The marble elevator cover has strong weather resistance, and the coating has strong adaptability and resistance, whether in ordinary environments or harsh environments such as rain erosion, The service life is over 15 years.
Authenticity, which imitates granite in color, can be used as a fake or even better than the effect visually. 3. The marble elevator sleeve is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and the effect of environmentally friendly water-based technology and energy-saving imitation of stone must be low in energy consumption of stone. 4. Marble elevator sleeve is creative. It can change the shape of granite according to the designer's intention. It can also flexibly reflect the lines and layers of the building according to the design of the building itself, and can adapt to a variety of irregular building bases. 5. The decorative effects are diverse, and can be achieved by using flat coating, sand wall intermediate coating, and real stone paint intermediate coating to achieve different texture decorative effects.
Whether to find cost-effective products for the procurement of imitation marble elevator sleeves is the key to the overall quality of the entire project, which has become a question that every customer must carefully consider. The market size of imitation marble elevator covers is increasing. We believe that every manufacturer of imitation marble elevator covers who sincerely produces products hopes to have a pure and clean industry environment to provide customers with reliable and safe imitation marble elevator cover materials. So, based on the quantity of orders placed by different customers, what are the differences in the packaging and transportation methods of imitation marble elevator door covers?
After the production of imitation marble elevator sleeves, our colleagues in the shipping department will carry out unified batch packaging work. There are generally two types of packaging: cardboard box packaging and pallet packaging. For customers with relatively few imitation marble elevator covers, we will use cardboard boxes to package the imitation marble elevator covers and send them to the logistics. The disadvantage is that the transportation process is long and the cost is high. Pallet packaging involves placing the lines and side panels of the imitation marble elevator cover onto the pallet, sealing them with paper boxes, and packaging them. Suitable for customers with a large number of imitation marble elevator sets, such as special vehicles and distribution goods. The advantage of this is that it is fast and cheap.
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